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BANBEIS - Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics Background:

Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information & Statistics (BANBEIS) is a central depository of Bangladesh government for the collection, dissemination and provider to all stakeholders. It started its activities as an attached department of Ministry of Education.

To build quality and standard education statistics, to contribute for the development of education sector as well as national development through data management of education.

To ensure current data through collection of data and prepare database.

  • To maintain information flow through preparing and providing demand based information
  • To find the indicators by estimating of Millennium Development Goals' setting indicators.
  • To help to reduce poverty through scaling inputs in education against poverty.
  • To develop educational management level incorporating ICT education through giving training on ICT

Scope of Activities
In national level, BANBEIS is responsible for the collection, dissemination, documentation and publishing of educational information.
  • It conducts National Education Survey (NES), Sample Education Survey (SES) of post-primary education (PPE).
  • To perform different research on education
  • To Provide educational information to the stakeholders, researcher of national and international, or the national and international organizations
  • It acts as a National Documentation Center for Education.
  • To maintain a library enriched with national and international journals, periodicals, encyclopedia and research papers.
  • To establish and maintain database on educational institutes and its teachers, and GIS school mapping
  • As an excellent training center with the help of BKITCE, it helps to develop human resources by giving training on ICT.

Organizational Characteristics
Professionally managed organization
  • It has a statistics division, documentation, library and publication division, computer unit and administrative unit.
  • 23 professionals (statistician, ICT specialist, researcher and library and documentation specialist).
  • Own 5-storied building with space 60000 sq.ft
  • 5-modern computer laboratory (computer: 110 and 5 multimedia projectors etc.)
  • A modern library with 25 thousands books and above one hundred journals and periodicals. An education documentation center

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