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Component 3.1

Sub-component 3.1: Project Management (Total: BDT 2622.00 lakh; US$ 3.8 million)

In order to ensure smooth project implementation, the project management structure has been strengthened. The overall responsibility for the project would lie with the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE), as the implementing agency. It will be assisted by two units: the DSHE/Monitoring and Evaluation Wing (MEW), and DSHE/SEQAEP Unit. The MEW will be responsible for improving coordination of the stipend programs within DSHE, and helping DSHE monitor stipend projects, as well as its non-stipend activities. DSHE/SEQAEP Unit will be staffed with a modest number of key operational/technical, procurement, and financial management staff. Its main functions will be to plan, manage, implement and coordinate activities under the project.

SEQAEP will be implemented by establishing a Unit headed by a Project Director at the Central Level which will be under the exclusive control of the Director General, DSHE. The Project Director will be assisted by 02 Deputy Directors, 03 Assistant Directors, 10 Education Officers, 01 Procurement Officer, 02 Accounts Officers and 19 supporting staff. Moreover, a Data Processing Centre (DPC) consisting of 04 personnel will be established under the disposal of the Project Director.

By adding all categories of posts, the SEQAEP Unit will be of 42 personnel for the project period. Other than DPC, 09 posts such as Project Director, Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors will be on deputation from the regular Government officers having experiences of at least 7-10 years in the education development areas particularly, donor assisted project.

The Education officers, Procurement and Accounts Officers including supporting staff and the personnel of the DPC recruited for the PIU/POU under FSSAP and FSSAP-II will be attached under SEQAEP Unit for an interim period for utilizing their long experience of implementing innovative programs of both the phases, until their services are transferred into the revenue budget. Currently, a proposal for transferring their services into revenue budget is under way in Ministry of Establishment and Ministry of Finance. While, the services of these personnel are transferred to revenue budget, they will be deployed on deputation. Besides, the experienced field level personnel of FSSAP-II are under process for absorbing in the revenue budget. They will be deputed/ attached in the project for carrying out the field level activities.

Beside SEQAEP Unit, a Monitoring and Evaluation Wing headed by a Director under the disposal of DG, DSHE will be established soon after launching the project for conducting monitoring and evaluation tasks involves in the proposed project and also the secondary education monitoring and evaluation activities of DSHE. The Director will be assisted by 02 deputy directors, 03 assistant directors, 01 programmer, and 03 education officers and by 06 supporting staff. The posts of officers namely director, deputy director, assistant directors will be filled in on deputation from the regular cadre services for the scheduled period of the project and education officers will be recruited directly/ deputed. After winding up of the project these posts will be transferred into revenue budget. It is also needed to mention that after completion of the project, the said posts of the Monitoring and Evaluation Wing mentioned above will be transferred into the revenue budget for sustaining the track of strengthening of the secondary education monitoring and evaluation capacity of the DSHE.

Data Processing Centre:

The Data Processing Center (DPC) of FSSAP-II will continue in the SEQAEP Unit for processing various data. SEQAEP will utilize the data and expertise of the previous projects with new terms of reference. DPC will process data for providing general stipend and tuition for 2nd semester of AY 2008 and both semesters of AY 2009. DPC's main responsibility will be to process data for providing various types of awards under quality component and other non-PMT components. In addition to that DPC will be responsible for reviewing and comparing the data to be generated by LGED on PMT. Further to that, DPC will work in close collaboration with DSHE/MEW. DPC will hire manpower on short term basis for smooth and timely entry and processing of data.

Financial Management:

An appropriate Financial Management (FM) System for the project will be developed with adequate staffing, internal control measures, disbursement arrangement, and internal and external audit arrangements meeting the requirements of GoB and IDA. A project organogram for SEQAEP Unit has been drawn up indicating staff positions in the financial management section and the reporting mechanisms, which is adequate for the project. The job descriptions and the requisite qualifications for the key positions are specified in the TORs, which are included in the Project Implementation Manual (PIM) for the project. A Financial Management Specialist (FMS) with a professional accounting qualification and having appropriate project financial management experience will be appointed to lead the FM section of the SEQAEP Unit. The FMS will be responsible to the Project Director for properly carrying out FM functions with the assistance of other FM staff. The FMS will have exposure to GOB and World Bank's financial management and disbursement requirements and hands on experience on use of computerized accounting systems. To assist FMS 2 Accounts Officer, 2 Accountant and 1 Auditor will be recruited. The existing competent personnel of FSSAP-II project will be given preference considering their experiences.

For introducing Computerized Project Accounting System adequate software would be developed. This has been reflected in the procurement plan.


The total procurement of the project has been estimated to be Tk. 11867.40 lakh, which is about 10% of the total project cost. Of the total procurement, Tk. 2030.70 lakh, Tk. 2422.00 lakh and Tk. 7414.70 lakh has been estimated for procurement of goods, works and services respectably. It may be mentioned that works under the project would be carried out based on community participation. Under service category, a handful of services of the specialized Govt. organizations will be procured through signing Participation Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding. All the procurement under goods will be as per NCB and Public Procurement Act, 2006 and Rules 2008 thereof. On the other hand IDA guidelines will be followed for procuring the service packages. To facilitate procurement activities consultant will be deployed under the project.