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Component 3.2

Sub-Component 3.2: Institutional Capacity Building (Total: BDT 913.50 lakh; US$ 1.1 million)

The objective of this sub-component is to strengthen the capacity of MoE , DSHE and SEQAEP Unit, MEW to provide services at central, upazilla and community levels. Staff development will be an essential part of capacity-building, especially for a project that has many new and innovative initiatives that require careful monitoring during program implementation. In addition, it is planned that staff capacity at the secondary Upazillas offices will be strengthened mainly through focused training. This sub-component will finance orientation/workshops, and in-country and international training. SEQAEP Unit, DSHE in collaboration with the MEW, DSHE will develop training plan for officials with support from IDA for implementing the training programs. The training plan will focus on the needs of different officials/personnel/stakeholders involved in the implementation of the project.