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Component 3.3

Sub-Component 3.3: School Management Accountability (Total: BDT 2139.00 lakh; US$ 3.10 million)

The objective is to support MoE's efforts to increase management capacity, accountability and transparency at the school level through strengthening School Managing Committees (SMCs), Madrasha Management Committees ( MMCs) and Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and providing training to all the concerned stakeholders. Activities under this sub-component will support:

  1. formation of PTAs and SMCs;
  2. training and capacity building of PTAs and SMCs;
  3. introducing schools to conduct social assessment and
  4. introducing school information reporting cards system.

This sub component will be implemented taking into account the experiences and lessons learned under FSSAP-II. Consultant will be deployed for designing, developing and preparing training materials for implementing the activities under this sub-component. In order to implementing the activities under this sub-component training, workshop and orientation sessions will be organized for the concerned stakeholders.