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Component 3.4

Sub-Component 3.4: Education Awareness and Community Mobilization Total: BDT 1242.00 lakh; US$ 1.8 million)

The objective of this sub-component is to build and increase awareness among all key stakeholders, with emphasis on the community and beneficiaries. Since the project places greater focus on quality and introduces new approaches such as pro-poor targeting based on Proxy Means Testing, it is important that these messages are needed to be effectively communicated to all stakeholders. Two types of activities will be supported:

  1. educational awareness programs; and
  2. community mobilization.

Activities would include the use of several multimedia services. In order to carrying out the awareness and mobilization activities Consultants will be deployed for designing and implementing these activities. For implementation of the activities under this sub-component training, workshop and orientation sessions will be organized for the concerned stakeholders.