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Component 4_1

Sub-Component 4.1: Monitoring (.Total: BDT 828.00 lakh; US$ 1.2 million)

The objective of this sub-component is to strengthen capacity to monitor through systematic integration of various data streams (e.g., beneficiary verification, stipend disbursement, school enrollment, learning assessments), increasing database and processing capacity, training on educational management information systems, and provision of specialized technical assistance.  A comprehensive and integrated data monitoring system would be in place to ensure that all project inputs, process, outputs, and outcomes are well tracked. 

This sub-component will include: 

  1. annual census of project institutions;
  2. collection and maintenance of the PMT database; and
  3. data collection, analysis and dissemination.  MEW, DSHE will monitor and review all stipend and non stipend programs under DSHE, coordinate the dissemination of national assessment of learning achievement, and maintain a repository of integrated databases and relevant reports and studies. LGED, as the PMT administrator, will collect process and maintain a dynamic database associated with all PMT-related activities.  This also includes collecting project school data forms on teachers, enrolments, attendance, examinations and other education compliance data on PMT beneficiaries and integrating that information with the PMT database. 
  4. DPC, SEQAEP Unit will collect and process data associated with Non-PMT related activities, gradually develops the platform in collaboration with LGED to facilitate an integrated database.
  5. BANBEIS will be financed to conduct a Census of all project schools in 121 Upazillas, on an annual basis, and prepare annual report based on Census data. BANBEIS will transfer all Census data to MEW through DPC. In order to establishing an effective and rigorous monitoring system MEW will organize training, workshop and orientation sessions for the concerned stakeholders.