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Component 4.2

Sub-Component 4.2: Evaluation (Total: BDT 414.00 lakh; US$ 0.6 million)

This sub-component aims at carrying out rigorous impact evaluation through development of a detailed baseline survey (household and school-based), and follow-up surveys (one before MTR and another just before project completion) to be able to measure the effectiveness and impact of project interventions on access, equity and quality. The PMT-based stipend and tuition program will be critically evaluated. Besides PMT-based stipend and tuition program, the following project intervention will be subject to impact evaluation:

  1. incentive awards to students, teachers and schools;
  2. additional classes to students in English and Maths;
  3. establishment of reading program in project schools.

The baseline survey will also provide critical information to standardize the baseline KPIs. The impact evaluation activities would be carried out by an independent survey firm. SEQAEP will prepare an action plan for follow up surveys.