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Objective of the Project:

  1. Improving the quality of education particularly, the teaching-learning process by arranging additional classes at the secondary level ( grades 6-10), developing reading habits and providing academic performance based incentives;
  2. Ensuring equitable access by providing stipends and incentives to the poor boys and girls , subvention against tuition fees to institutions at the rural and semi-urban areas;
  3. Reducing the rate of drop-outs at the secondary level by providing incentives and simultaneously creating awareness among the parents and community people; and
  4. Strengthening the capacity of school management, monitoring and assessing teaching- learning outcomes at the secondary level ;
  5. Attracting new and retaining existing students especially girl students in schools through the provision of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities etc.

Project Development Objective The key project objectives are to improve the quality of secondary education, facilitate equitable access and monitoring teaching-learning outcomes of secondary education in project upazillas. The proposed Key Project Indicators (KPIs) will be disaggregated by gender and poverty status where relevant. The targets for each indicator are given in Table 1 below.

Table 1 – Key Performance Indicators

Indicator Baseline (2007) Mid-Term Targets (2010) End-of-Project Targets (2014) Source of Project Data Collection
1. Completion rate in Grade 10 /a 20% 23% 27% MEW, Independent surveys
2. No. of students appearing in SSC 187,214 200,000 220,000 BANBEIS/BISE
3. SSC pass rate /b
(i) Poor
30% 34% 38% PMT Administrator
(ii) Non-Poor 65% 69% 72% Independent Survey
4. Monitor learning levels in secondary school (in Maths and English) Initial stages Two assessment tests in English and Mathematics for Grade 8 students Annual assessment in English and Mathematics for Grades 6 and 8 Independent agency,  MEW
5. Gender parity (male/female) in enrollment in grades 6 to 10 increases 0.82 0.86 0.92 MEW, Independent Survey, PMTA
6. Percentage share of poor children in total enrolment in secondary schools (%) 30% 34% 39% MEW, Independent surveys